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Our company, Machine Tool Traders, with its MASTER machines, is a leading name in gold jewelry making industry.

MASTER machines range includes a huge selection of jewellery Rolling Mills. Jewelers rolls starting from mini bench sheet rolls to Combined Sheet and Wire Rolling Mill in Italian model style with Oil filled Gear Box driven rolls in 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm roll lengths are available. Machines can be supplied with Dual Speed Motor, with Automatic Lubrication, with Emergency Stop System. All machines are fitted with Side Grooving Rolls for additional half round and V shape grooves as standard.

We have precision easy to use Horizontal and Vertical Head Diamond Faceting Machines. Available in both bench model as well as floor models with special fixtures to do chain faceting, straight indexing attachments for flat objects and special vises for wedding rings and special flat pendant attachments are also available against order.

We have hand presses for small die cutting and mechanical blanking presses as well as heavy hydraulic coining press upto 500 tons capacity for coins and medallions. We also have double acting jewelry stamping press for Karat purity markings and small logo marking on inside of rings and bangles and other gold jewellery items.

We have an extremely wide variety of Bracelets, Rings and Bangles making machinery which is used for various applications such as grooving, rounding, leveling, stretching, forming, stamping etc. We have Hollow Tube / Hollow Bracelets and Rings Forming machinery to suit the needs of Gold jewellery makers as well as for those serving the high end imitation jewellery market using copper, brass or aluminium base metals. We have custom designed machines combining Hollow Machine with additional attachments to suit customers exact requirements.

Our MASTER excellent quality Vaccum Casting Machines, Wax Injectors, Programmable Burn Out Furnaces, Digitally Controlled Vulcaniser, Gold Melting machines, Polishers are extremely reliable.

We have been serving the industry since 1947 with exports to over 35 countries throughout the World. Today our brand name master machines, master machine is among the leading names in machinery and is well accepted and trusted for quality all over the World.

We are committed to satisfy our customers by supplying quality machinery on time. We focus our efforts on building a long term relationship and providing complete customer satisfaction. We look forward to serving you by meeting with your manufacturing requirements.

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