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gold and silver refinery equipment india

Gold Refinery 6.0Kg

gold and silver refinery from India

Silver Refinery 25.0 Kg

We have latest Gold and Silver refining equipment which is based on the internationally adopted method of refining precious metals and has incorporated further improvements. Our indigenous development and manufacturing facility has helped us produce excellent quality refiner with advanced features such as:

  1. Efficient Fume Scrubber with motorized blower

  2. Tank with motorized pump for re-circulation of water

  3. Hazardous fumes and odours neutralized through gas treatment system

  4. Improved filter barrel design for quick and efficient filteration

  5. Refines Carat gold scrap, filling, polishing, workshop sweeping dust etc

Precious metal is recovered fully in powder form ready to melt.

The equipment is designed to work on single phase or three phase AC electric power.

The machine consumes very less power and is easy to use.

We also have smaller 1.0kg and 2.0kg  capacity models Gold Refinery and 10kg, 15kg and 50kg Silver Refinery.

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