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Treadle Shearing Machine

Treadle Shearing Machine

Treadle guillotine shearing machine are indispensable in sheet metal industries as they lead amongst all on account of versatile design, rigid construction, rigorous tests for the capacities and appearance. Tredle shears are specially designed for rapid and continuous cutting of steel sheets of varied widths and trimming them in unlimited lengths.


High tensile springs for quick return of treadle.

4 Cutting edged hardened & ground quality blades.

Rigid and streamlined construction.

Spring loaded sheet holding device.

All steel fabricated construction body.

In every treadle shearing machine, the bed and top beam have full adjustments for correct setting and easy removal of blades for accurate cutting and for regrinding. The spring loaded pressure pad holds the The spring loaded pressure pad holds the perfect parallalism of cutting on either side. The adjustable front and back guages with running Tee slots facilitate adjustment of various widths of the cuts and avoid any kind of twistings, turning of sheets while cutting. Square guide on the side of the table facilitates square cuts. The cutting edge blades avoid frequent grinding & adjustment and also very easy to grind to the rectangular shape.

These blades can be used with slight change in cutting angle to ribs, plastics, card board, rubber, mica etc., without any sign of squeezing or crushing.

Hand Operated Shearing Machines

Hand Operated Shearing Machine

This is extra heavy duty 2500 x 1.0 mm in mild steel capacity hand operated shearing machine. This is well constructed and ideal basic machine for various shear able materials like M.S., S.S., Aluminium, Mica, Copper, Plastic, Gaskets, Fiber etc.

These hand operated shearing machines are designed and constructed to provide high degree of stability ensuring precise burr free and accurate cutting. Cutting process is CAM actuated, very simple, safe and effortless. The machine is equipped with C.I. slides wherever required. Spring loaded hold down devices are also provided for firm clamping of sheets while cutting to ensure parallel out.

Both lower and upper blades of machines are proper alloy steel, properly hardened and ground, having four cutting edges.

These manual shearing machines are available in various sizes from 1000mm upto 2500mm width and having maximum cutting capacity in MS of upto 1.6mm.

Bench Shearing Machine

Bench Shearing Machine

This is bench model hand operated shearing machine. This machine is designed to give high degree of stability and cutting process is CAM actuated ensuring precise burr free and accurate cutting. This machine makes cutting process very simple, safe and effortless. The machine uses C.I. bush bearings to ensure cutting accuracy.

These shearing machines are available in various sizes starting from 310mm upto 610mm width and maximum cutting capacity of 1.6mm in M.S. sheet.

Sheet Metal Board Shearing Machine

Sheet Metal Shearing Machine

This is 1000mm x 1.5mm in mild steel capacity sheet metal board cutter in our model GS-1000.

This sheet metal board cutter will be able to work with up to 1.5mm in mild steel. In this machine, you will be able to shear sheet in straight line at longer than 2000 mm as well as you can push the material forward and take another cut. Even in this machine, side guage and front guage is given and also firm clamping mechanism is provided.

Hand Operated Sheet Folding Machine

Sheet Metal Notching Machine

This is a Mild Steel Fabricated Body heavy duty yet easy to operate Hand operated Manual CMT type Sheet Folding machine having capacity to fold upto 1250mm length x 1.6mm thickness mild steel sheets. The machinie is very versatile with excellent design features making the operation of this folding machine easy and adjustable to suit the job requirement. The upper beam is supported by operating handle on one side and adjustable counter weight on the other side. The lower beam has the operating lifting handle which moves easily & smoothly. The entire hand folding machine is mounted on suitable fabricated stand for proper height for ease of operation. The fabricated stand is wider at the base for added stability. The sheet folding machine is supplied with one full length standard finger and others as per requirement can be supplied.

We can also supply this machine in heavier version to fold sheets upto 2.0mm thickness against specific order.

Universal Folding Machine

Folding Machine

Universal sheet folding machine is extremely versatile machine suitable for many applications. This heavy duty sturdy machine is well fabricated from mild steel with hinge points in roller bearings for effortless folding. The eccentrics and other pins are made from alloy steel duly hardened. Our universal folding machine incorporates adjustable truss bars which ensures accurate and straight folding even for full length jobs.

The sides of the machine are well fabricated using M.S. Tee and I beam. Both sides are connected with three tie bars to maintain strength.

The upper beam – Ram, of the machine is reinforced properly and equipped with three adjustable truss bars. It can move upto 200 mm to fix various types of fingers to facilitate taking different types of bends. It moves in dovetail slides for accurate work.

Clamping of sheet is done by the lower beam – Table, which moves on the I beam. The movement of this lower beam is operated by two independent eccentrics on each side, aided by two strong springs to reduce the clamping pressure. Lower beam is also equipped with two adjustable truss bars.

The folding beam – Apron, is adjustable vertically for taking sharp as well as radius bends. Adjustments can be done by apron bolts. Angle selector gauge is also provided for repeated jobs. Two handles on beam and two counter weights for effortless bending are fitted at the side of the paddle of apron. The movement of the counter weights is possible which allows to change the effective force depending upon the job.

These universal folding machines are available in various lengths of 1250mm, 2000mm or 2500mm with thickness of sheets upto 2.0mm in mild steel. The normal jaw opening is 75mm and bending angle upto 135 degrees.

Box & Pan Folding Machine

Jewelery Folding Machine

Precision Bending Brake (Box and Pan Folding Machine) consists mainly of a frame of robust contruction and a bending beam precisely supported on either side and provided with operating handles. Further of a top beam with solid clamping beam, a clamp for securing the sheet to be bent and an adjustable material guage.

The operating handles of the bending beam can be set two positions in order to obtain the most favourable working positions. On either side of the machine the angular displacement of the bending beam can be adjusted roughly & precisely by a guage. The clamp is operated by a handle on the right hand side of the machine. The adjustement of the clamping mechanism to the correct sheet thickness is effected by means of two nuts at the front of the top beam.

Rapid Bending Machine

Jewelery Bending Machine
Folding Bending Machine

Rapid bending machines are simple and universal machines for rapid and accurate bending and forming of pipes and tubes, wire strip round, square, hexagon, pressed sections, steel tubes etc with the help of different kinds of bending tools.

Multi purpose rapid bending machine equipped with a ring of needle rollers bearing for smooth bending. Model No. 4 & 5 features a ratchet mechanism with left & right movement which greatly increase forming power when working with heavy materials. For speed in working light materials, ratchet can be disengaged and bender operated on direct drive. Standard equipment includes bend locating gauge. Setting this gauge allows any number of parts to be duplicated, angle stop to determine degree of bend and locking pin to securely clamp material provides, zero radius bending block, shoulder radius pin, quill radius pin, radius collar and forming roller.

Corner Notching Machine

Corner Notching Machine

Hand operated notching machine is ideally suitable for making box chassis and panel blanks having stroke of ram 20mm, size of table about 450 x 300 mm and supplied complete with hardened tool steel notcher blade, adjustable self squaring guage and handle.

Circle Cutting Machine

Circle Cutting Machine
Circle Cutting Machine India

Circle Cutting Machine is one of the principal machine in sheet metal industry. It is mainly used as the name indicates to cut circles of sheet material, annular rings & strips.

Our hand operated machines are available in models:-

14H, 18H, 24H, 24HB, 36H, 36HB & 48HB are used for cutting 18 swg MS / 22 swg SS.

Our motorised machines are available in models:-

18M2, 24M2, 36M2, 48M2 & SPM for specific size are used for cutting 14 swg / 18 swg SS.

24M3, 36M3, 48M3 & SPM for specific size are used for cutting 10 swg / 16 swg SS.

24M4, 36M4, 48M4 & SPM for specific size are used for cutting 8 swg / 14 swg SS.

Lock Forming Machine

Lock Forming Machine

Rolling heads of our Lock Forming Machines are manufactured using precision machined components consisting of hardened and ground shafts running in needle roller bearing, a hardened gear train, hardened and blackened alloy steel rolls for corrosion resistance.

Our lock former machine is supplied with one set of Pittsburgh lock forming dies duly fitted on the machine and is supplied complete with 1.0 HP electricals.

The production rate for our machine is 26 feet per min. The standard capacity of machine is 0.5mm to 1mm.

We can supply you optional auxiliary rolls such as right angle flange rolls, double seam, drive cleat and plain seam rolls. We can also supply you optional auto-guide power flanging attachment.

We also have section bending machine for bending channels, angles and all related sheet metal machinery suitable for your application.

Swaging Machine

Jewellery Cutting Machine

Deep Throat Swaging

Universal Cutting Machine

Universal Swaging Machine

Jewellery Folding Machine

Hand Operated Swaging Machine

We offer swaging machine for sheet metal flanging, beading, curling, burrying and closing operations in hand operated as well as motorised models.

We have hand operated bench model swaging machines which are supplied with six swage rolls for curling, closing and flanging rolls. This hand operated machines have throat depth of over nine inches and suitable for 20 guage sheets. We also offer nine inch throat machine in motorised model with heavy stand and 1.0 HP electricals suitable to work upto 18 guage sheets.

We also have Deep Throat Swaging machine having throat depth of Eighteen inches and is suppied with heavy stand and 2.0HP electrical suitable to work upto 16 guage sheets. The deep throat machine is supplied with only One swage roller with the machine. You may order additional rollers as required. Kindly ask for details.

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