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Circle Cutting Machines

Hand Operated Circle Cutting Machines

These are our standard MASTER hand operated circle cutting machines suitable to work with sheet metal likes stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

It is available in various sizes smallest being 15 inch diameter cutting up to maximum 48 inch in diameter circle cutting. Generally hand operated machines are used for sheets having thickness of 1.0mm or less in mild steel.

Motorised Circle Cutting Machines

These are our MASTER motorized circle cutting machines. These machines are generally suitable to work with mild steel up to 2.5 mm in thickness. It is available in various sizes from 15” maximum diameter cutting capacity up to 48” max diameter cutting capacity. It is powered by 1.0 HP and 2.0 HP 960 RPM three phase AC electricals. Our these motorized machines are well known in industry and widely used across many sectors.

Heavy Duty Motorised Circle Cutting Machines

These are specially designed heavy duty heavy duty circle cutting machine with universal joints and specially designed gearbox suitable to work with 5.0mm thick mild steel sheets. We have supplied these machines to cut circles up to 60 inch in diameter. These machines also features special HSS cutters and cabinet stand.

Some of the advantages of using specially designed gearbox and universal joint model circle cutting machines are as under:

  • Transmission gears are of Case hardened steel where as the standard machine will have Cast iron taper gears.
  • Transmission loss and hence Power loss are very low.
  • Smooth running.
  • More no. of resharpening of cutters possible and hence extended tool life.

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