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bangle grooving machine This is a deluxe model bangle grooving machine with six different gears for extremely easy operation. It is supplied with an operating wheel with an arrangement to fit a V belt for motorised operation. The machine is supplied with only one pair of grooving die without motor. Many different shape dies including half round, oval, V shape, three sided shape etc are available from 1mm to 25mm in widths. Kindly ask for details.

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bangle rounding machine
This is an ideal machine for giving perfect round shape to prepare various sizes of bangles easily and quickly. It is supplied with one big and small size spring loaded rounding plate with 17 pcs various size rounding dies from 1.5" to 2.5". All the dies are with HARD CHROME plating for smooth finish and longer life.
Extra ring rounding attachment with extra rounding plate and 20 pieces HARD CHROME ring rounding dies to work with this machine is also available. 
Kindly ask for details.

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Bangle Stretching Machine & Ring Stretching Machine

bangle stretching machine

ring stretching machine

Bangle Stretching


Ring Stretching

This is latest model deluxe hand operated bangle stretching or bangle expanding machine. It is very smooth and easy in operation. It is suitable for all size bangles and is supplied with indicator and lock system for accurate production. 
Ring Stretching and sizing machine with base plate is also available. 
Kindly ask for details.

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hollow tube drawing machine


This is a Motorized model precision hollow tube forming machine equipped with 0.5 HP/single phase D.C. motor drive with speed control system. It is designed to give speeds from 0 to 100 RPM supplied with 250mm long tube winding roll (mandrel).  It is supplied with one set of drawing die & winding roll (mandrel) for the same. Hollow tube forming dies in various shapes & sizes are available.

Our motorized model adjustable precision strip cutting machine is supplied complete with suitable 0.5 HP/ 220 volts/ single phase AC electric motor. The machine is having two parallel circular disc cutters having capacity to handle strips from 5 mm to 60 mm in width.

Kindly ask for details.

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This is a motorised turning machine designed for both the inside and outside turning of bangles as well as rings. The machine uses standard type diamond tools used with facetting machine and is supplied complete with NYLON collets. For inside turning, 25 pcs various size collect from 2" to 2.75" are supplied and for outside turning 13 pcs collets are supplied. The machine comes complete with suitable single phase 220 volts motor, switch, V belt and machine lamp. Necessary Sockets, mandrels, allen keys and wrench are also supplied with the machine.

Kindly ask for details.


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